Autonars Review

Product: Autonars
Vendor: Brett Rutecky
Price: USD 37.00
Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars
Payment: One-Time Fee
Salespage: CLICK HERE
Niche: Affiliate Marketing
PRO: Lets you create pre-recorded webinars and broadcast it like a live one
CON: Very limited pre-made webinars for the frond end product

Today, I am going to make a review of the product called Autonars. Just to give you a bit of information, I was able to get hold of this product because Brett Rutecky, the product creator of the software, gave beta tester access to this software as his exclusive bonus to the IM product that he promoted a few months ago, so I thought to myself why not try it as well since Brett’s products are well known to be of high quality, and most of his products that I’ve bought from him really worked for me.

What is Autonars?

So what really is Autonars? This product is actually a cloud-based software, that lets you utilize pre-recorded videos as a webinar and broadcast it like it’s somewhat “live”, and the name was actually the result of merging “Automated” and “Webinars”.

Aside from this, you can also use other’s webinars that you might have access or have previously watched and was able to download and use these videos for your own webinars thru Autonars, for you to capture email leads, potential clients, and product buyers.

Inside The Software

To get access to the software, you will need to create an account first, and once logged in, this is what you’re going to see

You might see a different dashboard once the software is launched because this dashboard is for the beta testers, but generally, it will still be much the same.

Creating Your Webinar

Creating the webinar using Autonars is basically a three step process that just requires you to fill up the required data for your webinar

Step 1: Signup Settings

These are the settings that you need to fill out in customizing your webinar signup page

Step 2: Main Settings

These are the settings that you need to fill out in customizing your main webinar page

Step 3: Extra Settings (Optional)

These are some optional settings that you can fill out for your autoresponders and replay page.

Using this software is also a breeze, especially since it has a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you by the hand on how to use the product properly, so you won’t be lost in the process while setting up your very first webinar.

Moreover, every field that requires you to fill something has a brief description by hovering to the question mark icon, which makes your life even much easier as you build your webinar.

Autonars also comes preloaded with two premade webinars promoting some of Brett’s products. You can use these to start your campaign right away, especially if you don’t have any available pre-recorded webinars of your own at the moment.

Once you have finished creating your campaign, you can go to the main webinars page to get the generated links for your webinar.

I made an example of my own webinar using one of the premade webinars and below are the links to see for yourself

  • Sign up Link
  • The Webinar Link
  • Replay Link

The main webinar page redirects to the signup page so I guess you need to sign up first for you to be able to watch the main webinar.

What I Like About Autonars

I compiled a list of the things that I really like about this cloud based webinar software and here they are:

Easy To Use

Creating webinars using this software is like a walk in the park and the interface is very user-friendly. The best thing about this is it comes with an in-depth tutorial on how to use it as well as the detailed description for every field that you need to fill, thus making sure that you’re not lost in the process

Preloaded with Premade Webinars

When you buy the product, it comes preloaded with two webinar videos that you can use straight away. All you have to do is to sign up as an affiliate to those products so you get commission when someone buys thru your link. I actually resell those software as well and I give 50% commission to my affiliates. Just click on the links below if you want to sign up as my affiliate

  • Group Traffic Profits Affiliates Sign Up Here
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Autoresponder Integration

Another great feature of Autonars is its integration with some of the popular autoresponders such as Aweber, Mailit, and GetResponse, so you are saved by the hassle of manually downloading your signups then uploading it to those services. Aside from that, this product can also be integrated with the Mailit Plugin, which is also a product of Brett Rutecky, and is actually the autoresponder plugin that I am currently using right now.

One Time Fee

I am really a big fan of one-time fees! And unlike some webinar software that requires you to pay a monthly subscription, with Autonars, you only need to pay once.

What I Don’t Like About Autonars

Although I believe that this is a great software, there is still one thing that I think can make this software even better…

Additional Premade Webinars

You heard it right. Maybe I’m just really lazy creating my own webinar, but I believe adding more premade webinars wouldn’t hurt, and in my opinion, would really make this software even better.


You can get this software at the launch price of only $37. But make sure to get it fast because once the launch is over and knowing how Brett handles his products, he will definitely raise the price when the initial launch is over.

Wrapping Up

I really believe Autonars is a great investment especially if you’re into online marketing and loves to share information or ideas thru a webinar. The nice thing about this software is you are not limited to your own webinars, as you can also utilize other webinars as well using this software.

To tell you honestly, I have not really explored into using webinars as a marketing medium before, but I’m not ruling out the idea of using this marketing strategy in the near future, especially after I have tried using this software, and Autonars will definitely be a great tool for that matter.

If you are currently looking for an alternative for creating webinars without burning your pocket, I highly recommend you to try this software. And if you are still hesitant with this product, it actually comes with a money back guarantee so if you think that after you tried this software and it didn’t passed your expectations, you can just request for a refund and you’ll get your money back with no questions asked.

Autonars will be officially launched on the 15th of June, so get back here again to get yours and claim your exclusive bonus as well.

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