Backlink Rhino:

Today I’m reviewing a new software from Matt Garrett called Backlink Rhino.

Matt created this software because he noticed Wikipedia gets an unfair number of 1st page rankings, meaning a whole LOT of free traffic.

Here’s why Wikipedia pages dominate the search engines:

Google sees Wikipedia as a highly trusted online authority. Millions of people turn to Wiki for information, and the content is constantly updated, which Google loves. And that trust translates into easy rankings for its entries.

After much research, Matt realized there were two ways he could gain powerful backlinks from Wikipedia. Exploiting both these methods helped him get his sites to the front pages of Google. You know – where all the traffic is!

The only problem was that it took a lot of manual searching to uncover and exploit these powerful Wikipedia links. So Matt developed a software to do the heavy lifting for him. Here’s his shortcut for YOUR page 1 rankings – Backlink Rhino.

Backlink Rhino is an advanced backlinks SaaS tool that finds you high quality, high authority powerful backlink opportunities.

It’s true that Google loves WikiPedia, and getting backlinks from Wikipedia makes Google trust (and rank) your sites/pages/videos.

Backlink Rhino Overview: