A new ‘behaviour monitoring’ tool is launching that records secret video sessions of what visitors do on your site…

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It’s called ‘Spy Stream 2.0’ & it reveals the hidden reasons your visitors don’t take action that A/B tools or Google Analytics can’t..

In fact, it’s responsible for pulling $2669.00 from a once ‘dead’ site & boosting opt-ins by 234%

This high-end tool can:

+ Anonymously track your visitors mouse movements & patterns in real time for you to play back & see why they didn’t convert

+ Save months of time A/B testing by seeing the solution & issue in just seconds

+ No monthly charges or restrictions unlike enterprise level softwares w/ charge $300 a month for this video spy technology

+ Has Heat-click technology & DOM action tracking to 4x optins & sales

+ Doubles conversions to drastically reduce your PPC cost & amount of traffic you need to drive

& far more.

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You can get access to the resellers license on the f/e & keep 100% of the profit when you sell it!

This isn’t another ‘shiny toy’ or ‘marketing hack’, but a a serious tool that’s pulled in $320,000+ in tests.

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