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The Brilliant Way To Turn Your Site From An Expense Into A Profit Center

Overview :

Product Creator Drew Laughlin
Product Name Consultant Funnel – Lead Generation Websites
Front-End Price $7.01 to $47
Niche PLR
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


Consultant Funnel Website Design:

There is the fact that every business needs a website but they need one that actually helps them grow their business. And most local businesses are CLUELESS when it comes to building a website that works. So most small businesses will buy into the importance of having a quality website that helps bring in more customers. But they may not want to deal with it themselves.

If you offer a service to manage it for them, don’t you think they’ll be jumping at the chance to work with you?

Thanks to Consultant Funnel Website Designnow you are able to get a simple way for you to own a total front-end funnel to begin driving clients to your business that are pre-qualified to invest in your Re-Design services or Local Website Design.

Consultant Funnel Website Design is the complete front-end funnel that will allow you to generate leads from the traffic you send to it. It will show local businesses the way to turn their site from an expense into a profit center.

This funnel uses the proven marketing principle of giving your target marketing something of great value in exchange for their name and email address. Through this way, you can continue to build a relationship and ultimately sell them on your marketing services.

Consultant Funnel Website Design’s Key Features:

Here are a lot of benefits that you can get inside Consultant Funnel Website Design:Checklist is a great way to keep you on track and give you the ability to ensure you do everything wanted with no forgetting important steps or tasks. And this checklist is a brilliant value-add to your lead magnet funnel which your clients will love.

You can use this pre-made lead-gen site to generate leads for your business. It is quite simple to use.

There are 4 formats included: HTML5, Click Funnels, WordPress Theme and Optimize Press 2.0. You are able to use the WordPress theme like the other theme you want. The difference is that it is designed as a lead-gen site and not really designed to be used as a blog.

Each template comes with Optin Page and Thank You Page. Please take note that These optin pages are NOT active. Do not sign up for them because they won’t work.

By using this tool, you will get a powerful, professionally written 6,900+ word lead-gen report, “Website Design Secrets for the Local Business!”.

Besides, business owners will get all of the information they want to understand better the value of generating more customers using the power of a direct response website consisting of:

  • The elements of a world-class site
  • Why site design is important for local businesses
  • The Best Practices they can implement immediately.

    How Does Consultant Funnel Website Design Work?

    Here are some special things that make this product different from the others:

    Convert your Report to a Print Book and Gain Even More Credibility: You can now take advantage that phenomenon by entering your name on a top-quality book. Print book is the same as no more business cards or The ultimate Business Card. You will never must to waste money and time handing out business cards that never result in business again. Now simply hand prospects your book!

    Reduces your workload by up to 95%. One of the biggest benefits that you can get is the length of time you can save and reduce your workload when every thing is already done for you. (except a few tweaks and customization).

    You Get Up and Running Fast. By using pre-made tools and templates, you now enable to get up and running in a matter of minutes versus weeks and months, it would take you otherwise. By using the install optins, you can get your LGS up and run within minutes. That undoubtedly beats building everything yourself.

    Generate More Leads and Convert More Leads Into Customers: Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that you’ll have a marketing asset that will help to develop your business. Creating leads and converting those leads into customers is the lifeline of any business. The MCCPs inside this tool will help you do that easier and faster than ever before.

    Saves Your Money and Time. Once everything is done for you, you cannot help but save money and time. It would charge you about $1,000 to create these MCCP packages on your own; you are saving a ton of cash. It truly does not get any easier than this.

    Let’s see what users said about Consultant Funnel Website Design:

    “ Hi Drew, You create great quality products I am very happy to use in my business. I especially like the videos you produce, both in US & UK. As I’m from the UK, that’s important to me and the quality is always at the highest standard and that will always get me to buy. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Always looking forward to see your next product.” – Johnny Joseph

    According to Brad T. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: “I have been using Drew’s products since 2014. All I can say is all Drew’s products are solid, top-notch and super user friendly and amazingly affordable.
    With Drew’s products and the training he provides you won’t ever need to feel un-prepared in any way. Also, his support staff is SUPER responsive and helpful. They are totally there for you.
    So, if you’r thinking of working with Drew or purchasing his products or training all I can say is “go for it”.

    Final verdict – Your Turn!

    To end with, thanks to Consultant Funnel Website Designyou’re about to find out is a simple way for you to own a total front-end funnel to begin driving clients to your business that are pre-qualified to invest in your Re-Design services or Local Website Design.

    This is all of my Consultant Funnel Website Design review and review. I hope that you will find some useful information about this product.

    Conclusion :

    In a nutshell, I’m really thankful to you for keeping up with my [PLR] Consultant Funnel – Lead Generation Websites Review to the very end, so you can make the right decision for your own business. Good luck and see you again!

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