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Ecomity WP Theme:

Nowadays, ecommerce is one of the most popular and most demanding business, and we all know it and its benefits. This is has changed our living style totally, right?

Previously, people spend too much time in process of purchasing some product, but now they just stay at home, office or everywhere and do the online shopping through their mobile or any other device with internet connection.

The fact that mobile commerce make up 24% of global ecommerce market and 40% of worldwide internet users have purchased goods online via mobile, tablet, desktop or other online devices.

So you need to take advantage of this opportunity to keep ahead of the competition. To help you pull off more easily I will demonstrate about a brand new product.

Introducing: Ecomity WP Theme

Ecomity WP Theme is a professionally designed WordPress theme that allows you to create a professional and engaging site to boost viral traffic and scale your profit up. Thus, you can increase social sharing and get more traffic from the web’s top social media websites and also boost your search engine rankings.

Ecomity WP Theme’s Key Features:

Here are some key features that you will discover when using Ecomity WP Theme:

Beautiful Coming Soon: You can use modern and beautiful coming soon pages to announce the actual website’s impending launch, offer some explanation of the site’s purpose, and to persuade visitors to return as soon as the site is officially launched.

Show Your Store Location: One of the important things on any site, and especially on an eCommerce site, is making it as easy as possible for people to find exactly what they are looking for. And if you are a retailer, giving them easy access to your store locations is critical. In fact, it’s not just for stores. For professional services, it is just as important.

Multiple Currency: Your store allows to switch to different currencies easily and create current exchange rate converter without limit.

Supermarket Style Categories: Show your site feels pro with categories like Amazon website.

Varied Product Layouts: With Ecomity you will be able to create varied product layouts. Just some clicks in Powerful Theme Options panel. Take some time to check our demo to see all layouts that you can set up for your product page.

  • Vertical Or Horizontal Thumbnails
  • With Sidebar Or Fullwidth Layout,
  • Product Description In Tabs Or Accordions,
  • Display Attribute With Text, Color Instead Of Dropdown

Shortcodes: It comes with over 25+ shortcodes and powerful options that you can utilize to build your creative layouts.

Limited Deals with Countdown Timer: If you’ve ever played a time sensitive game, you’ll be familiar with the effects of a ticking clock. Having a limited amount of time to do something forces us to take action. Groupon, Expedia, and TicketMaster all use this technique to drive up their conversions. Below is a screenshot from Expedia showing how they use time-sensitivity and countdown timers to increase urgency.

Realtime Shopping Cart: Realtime shopping cart for your visitor

Always Responsive: Your website will look great no matter if visitors open it using their desktop, Mac, tablets or smartphone.

Change Every Text, Element, Color & Section Like a Puzzle: With the power of future, this theme will help you create a website easier than ever. You do not need to remember any shortcodes. It will make your work much more enjoyable and also save your time.

Besides, you can also utilize this theme simply with no skill or experience required. The bottom line is you can use this regarless of your niches. For example:

  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Music Store
  • Home & Garden
  • Health & Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Toys & Games
  • Food & Drinks
  • Arts & Photography
  • And Much More…

    How Does Ecomity WP Theme Work?

    When purchasing this WP theme, you can also get more benefits such as:

    • Instant Live Drag and Drop Technology
    • Varied Product Layouts
    • Step-by-step tutorials help you create unique website with WordPress
    • Tons Of Powerful Shop & Business Features
    • Fits for any shop niche
    • Customizable Header, Footer, Blog Styles
    • 100% Newbie Friendly

      Final verdict – Your Turn!

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      Conclusion :

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