Understand the next level of marketing The new model for marketing-Marketing 3.0-treats customers not as mere consumers but as the complex, multi-dimensional human beings that they are. Customers, in turn, are choosing companies and products that satisfy deeper needs for participation, creativity, community, and idealism.

In Marketing 3.0, world-leading marketing guru Philip Kotler explains why the future of marketing lies in creating products, services, and company cultures that inspire, include, and reflect the values of target customers.
Explains the future of marketing, along with why most marketers are stuck in the past Examines companies that are ahead of the curve, such as S. C. Johnson Kotler is one of the most highly recognized marketing gurus, famous for his “4 P’s of Marketing” In an age of highly aware customers, companies must demonstrate their relevance to customers at the level of basic values. Marketing 3.0 is the unmatched guide to getting out front of this new tide sweeping through the nature of marketing.
We can view at him more or less as an authority as well as a dinosaur in the field. He is author of more than 55 books on the marketing themes as well as a writer of over 50 books on other various managerial, economic and social themes. By definition he is the n1 marketing thought leader.

I found this book, notwithstanding my initial doubts, very valuable and rich of inspiring and massive unconventional visions and opinions about the future of the enterprise value propositions promotion. In other words, Marketing perspectives, as it should be, without borders.

As usual, I carefully selected a couple of usable and useful managerial take-aways for you and for your holistic brand marketing development. I highly recommend to buy it! To you! Enjoy it!

“..Many marketers should confess that deep in their hearts consumers are never their top priority. Marketing may be responsible for the decline in consumers’ trust but it also has the biggest chance to solve this issue. We believe it is time to put an end to the marketer-consumer dichotomy. Marketers of any product or service should realize that they are also consumers of other products and services. Consumers should also be aware that they might practice marketing as well in their daily lives to convince their fellow consumers. Everyone is both marketer and consumer. Marketing is not just something marketers do to consumers. Consumers are marketing to other consumers as well..”

“..As society becomes more sophisticated, consumers will try to satisfy higher needs and basic needs become secondary.Consumer will give more consideration to social, economic and environmental impacts. .. It may happen that customization will no longer be that important to consumers…”

“..We know that touching the human spirit in the consumer and employee market is about making a difference in these people’s lives..”

…Employees are the most intimate consumers of the company’s practices. They need to be empowered with authentic values. Companies need to use the same storytelling approach with their employees that they use with their consumers. However, storytelling to employees is harder because it is about staging authentic and consistent employment experience. One misaligned action will spoil the entire story. Consumers can identify an inauthentic brand mission easily. Imagine how much easier it is for employees to spot fake values internally..”

“…Marketing in its culmination will be a consonance of three concepts: identity, integrity and image. Marketing should now be considered as the major hope of a company to restore consumer trust….”

“In mature markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom, an increasing number of Consumers favor companies whose activities have a positive socio-cultural impact”

“…Marketers need to identify the anxieties and desires of the consumers to be able to target their minds, hearts, and spirits. In the globalization paradox, the generic anxiety and desire of the consumers is to make their society and the world at large a better, perhaps even an ideal place to live..”

“..Value-driven employees not only work harder but also become a better face of the company. They deliver consumer value that is aligned with their company’s stories. Their beliefs shape their common behavior in everyday work especially when interacting with consumers. Their behaviour will be part of the brand stories that customers talk about. Companies should see their employees as values ambassadors..”

“..Your Brand value should appeal to consumer’s emotional needs and wants beyond product functionalities and features..”

“Today, trust exists more in horizontal relationships than in vertical relationships. Consumers believe one another more than they believe in companies. The rise of Social Media is simply a reflection of the migration of consumers’ trusts from companies to other consumers”

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