FanInviter is a mass inviter that can convert likers into followers. Now not only you can utilize a number of likes – a short traffic burst, but you can get new followers as well.

What Is FanInviter?

Before we get started, let me ask you a quick question.

Do you know that when people like your post on a fan page, it’s not the same as a like for the fan page itself?

It’s true, and it means that while a big number of likes on your post can give you a short traffic burst, it fades away fast.

What’s most important to know here is the fact that Facebook will not show your future post in the timeline of people who just like your existing posts.

Imagine that one of your posts hits it big, but at the end of the day except for a short massive burst of traffic

It all goes back to the same old traffic pretty fast because your post can be liked not just on your own fan page but wherever they are shared

It’s relatively easy to get hundreds of likes on a regular post with good content. However, the problem is that unless you convert those post likes into page likes, you’re just spinning the hamster wheel.

Introducing: FanInviter

FanInviter is a software which allows you to convert posts’ likes into fan page likes by mass inviting everybody who liked posts to like your fan page.

Once people like your page, Facebook starts showing to them your new posts, which bring more likes and shares possibly creating viral loop snowball.

This is why FanInviter was created. More people seeing posts also means more commenting and clicking, which in turn allows you to build a list, and make profits.

While you can invite people who liked posts manually, one by one, it could be extremely time consuming to do every day. FanInviter adds “Invite All” button to Facebook page in your browser. All you need to do is to click that button and let the software do the work.

How Does FanInviter Work?

Special Features of FanInviter:

  • Unlimited Invites
  • Unlimited Fanpages
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Likes
  • Unlimited Facebook Accounts

How It Works:

  1. Invite: Convert posts likers to page likers
  2. Engage: Let Facebook display your post in likers timelines
  3. Convert: Generate more leads and sales from skyrocketed reach

Why Should You Get FanInviter Now?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that you can refer to if you are planning to get this product.

Will I download the software onto my computer or will it be solely available online?

This is NOT an Internet-based software. You will download it onto your computer where it will be yours to use whenever you like.

How many computers can I install FanInviter on?

Your license will allow you to install the program on one computer. Larger licenses are available for businesses and agencies.

What are the system requirements for FanInviter?

This software runs on most Windows or Mac computers with latest Chrome browser manufactured in the past five years as long as it has minimum of 4GB ram memory and sufficient storage space.

Is there a limit on a number of fanpages I can use FanInviter on?

You get unlimited personal use. You can use FanInviter on as many fanpages as you want.

What kind of license do I get on this page?

You get personal license, which allows you to use FanInviter for your own business. If you want to use FanInviter to sell services to your clients, there is a commercial agency license upgrade option available inside.

Do I have to pay for updates to FanInviter 1.x?

All FanInviter 1.x updates are FREE for the duration of the license.

Do they have money back guarantee?

Yes, they do have 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Just leave them a note and they will refund your purchase in full.

Does it include tutorial videos?

Yes, they have created video tutorials but software is so intuitive to use that you would probably no need to watch them.

Is there a monthly fee to use FanInviter?

Currently, FanInviter is being offered with a one off payment. They plan to switch to a recurring membership model in future where new customers will pay a monthly fee for software use. BUT anyone who orders now is grandfathered so you will never be billed again!

Is FanInviter easy to use?

Yes, FanInviter is very easy to use to get you started instantly. You should be comfortable with main software features within the first 15 minutes session.

Now you’ve seen unique features and what this software can do for you? They’re not about to stop there. Buy them now to get exclusive bonuses from producer and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to receive my reviews and some pieces of advice.

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