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FBEngagr Discount- Hack Facebook For 100% Free Traffic That Turns Into Autopilot Leads, Sales And Profits!

Overview :

Product Creator Victory Akpos
Product Name FBEngagr
Price $27
Niche Social Media
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


Who Are The Creators Of FBEngagr?

Victory Akpos, Seun Ogundele & Misan Morrison Are the creators of FBEngagr. They are the men behind ReachInfluencer, CoEmbed, Smart Ads Builder and several very successful product launches

What Is The Main Idea Behind FBEngagr?

Facebook Traffic Is HUGE.….
  • 2 billion users. Your best prospects are hanging out there daily.
  • The platform started as a way for people to connect. But with its massive growth, FB realized it could make RIDICULOUS profits by charging for ads.

Declining Organic Reach Means Facebook Is Pay-To-Play

Since late 2013, FB has been cutting reach for brands and urging them to buy ads instead. Fan acquisition, they said, should only be seen as a tool to make your paid advertising more effective … according to FB, you acquire fans to make your future FB ads work better.

Here comes FBEngagr…

As Marketers & Software Developers, We’ve Tried A LOT Of Different Ways To Make Money Online. But Keep Coming Back To Affiliate Marketing … And Are Now Each Making A Solid 6 Figures Every Year In Commissions. . .


  • No Consistent Results…
  • Lousy ROI From Paid Traffic & Ineffective Free Sources…
  • Days, Sometimes WEEKS Would Pass Between Sales…

One Time We Tried Out A Popular “Quiz” Software For FB Traffic. But It Wasn’t Working, So We Checked The Stats. And Saw That Most People Dropped Off After The 1st Or 2nd Question. They Never GOT To Our Offer Or Landing Page … Meaning No Subscribers Or Sales…

That’s When We Made A Game-Changing Discovery:

YOU ONLY HAVE SECONDS To Capture Attention On Facebook!

Today people RACE through their news feed. You’ve got to stop them in their tracks…

Then Engage Them With Just ONE Question – Not 3 Or 4….
  • So we started from scratch to develop a software to GRAB attention with stunning images.
  • Drive curiosity with just ONE targeted question…
  • INSTANTLY give prospects a chance to subscribe to a list…
  • THEN show them a specific offer based on their answer…
  • And AUTOMATICALLY follow up with anyone that engaged with our posts.
The Results Started Coming In LITERALLY OVERNIGHT…

From zero traffic to VIRAL shares, leads and sales … often from a SINGLE post.

There is NO other tool available that does what this does … turns completely free FB traffic into qualified leads AND buyers.

Because it uses the exact same psychology that made Facebook the most popular social platform on the planet!

By engaging prospects, then AUTOMATICALLY qualifying them to convert the maximum number of leads & sales.

  • It works CONSISTENTLY – for any offer in any niche…
  • You don’t need ANY ad budget…
  • Leads & sales come in DAILY …

So, What Is FBEngagr?

The 1st All-In-1 FB Engagement & Funnel Tool With Automated Messaging To CONVERT PROSPECTS INTO LEADS & SALES….

Fbengagr Is A Cloud-Based Software & Traffic System For Getting You THE BEST FB TRAFFIC WITHOUT PAYING FOR ADS.

  • Get Viral Traffic, Qualified Leads And CONSISTENT Sales In Any Niche.
  • UNLIMITED Scaling Potential With Super Low Cost Post Boosts & Re-targeting Built-In.
  • Fast AND Long-Term Passive Profits With Automation That Does 99% Of The Work.

==> See The Power Of FBEngagr (FBEngagr Review Video)<==

How Does FBEngagr Work?

==> FBEngagr Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

FaceBook Profits Made Simple In 3 Short Steps:

=> Step #1:

  • Login & Setup A Traffic, Leads & Sales Driving Campaign…

=> Step #2:

  • Customize With Your Links, Autoresponder & Offers…

=> Step #3:

  • Post To Your Profiles & Pages For VIRAL Traffic & Profits In ANY Niche. 
  • JUST LOGIN, LAUNCH A CAMPAIGN And Watch The FREE Traffic, Leads & Sales Start Pouring In:

    FBEngagr software uses PROVEN psychology & the EXACT same methods FB uses to grab attention.

    Then puts a “marketing twist” on it to drive profits for you:

    • Once prospects see your FBEngagr poll post, they’ll want to answer the simple question and share with their audience … you get instant engagement and viral traffic
    • Next, FBEngagr software used an AUTOMATED funnels to show prospects a targeted squeeze page offer – based on THEIR answer to your question!
    • Then, the software shows visitors a targeted offer – again based on their personal interests … so your conversions skyrocket and you benefit from IMPULSE sales
    • At each step of the automated process, traffic is pre-qualified and shown highly relevant lead pages and offers.
    • The Result? A List Of Engaged, Active Subscribers…

    • And INSTANT sales for you because prospects see an offer when they’re MOST engaged with your content … a PROVEN conversion booster!

      It doesn’t matter if you’ve NEVER used FB for traffic before.

      You won’t need ANY ad budget … but can scale up with extremely low-cost ads whenever you like.

      And instead of waiting or “hoping” for results – you’ll see them right inside your dashboard within HOURS of launching a campaign.

    • Conclusion :

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