Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools Is a Timely Offer To Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Facebook – And Help Our Lists With Their Facebook Marketing Efforts. With Facebook Effectivly Killing Off 30 second Ad Videos. Facebook Is Changing -ONCE AGAIN! And It’s Seriously Effecting Everyones Marketing Income And We’ve Got The Answer To A Fast And Easy Way To Earn Amazing Amounts Of New Income. Stop Struggling And Start Profiting With WITH OUR ULTIMATE FACEBOOK VIDEO TOOLS AND OVER 300 PIECES OF CUSTOM CONTENT A COMPLETE SUITE OF VIDEO TOOLS THAT HELPS MAKE MASSIVE PROFITS EXPOSING THE POWER OF FACEBOOK LIKE NEVER BEFORE IN JUST. FACEBOOK IS RELEASING Many NEW VIDEO AD INSIGHTS that YOU need to take advantage of… IMMEDIATELY.

Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools REVIEW

LAS VEGAS: Marketers should no longer prioritise the 30-second TV ad spot and instead should concentrate on short video specifically edited for mobile, according to a senior Facebook executive. David Fischer, VP of Business and Marketing Partnerships at Facebook, made this recommendation at the Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, where he held an onstage conversation with John Mellor, Adobe’s VP of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing. As reported by AdNews, wisest asked if the 30-second TV spot is dead, he said: “I don’t know if it’s dead but I think there needs to be a pretty major evolution, and like all things in life that are complicated, the answer is – it depends.” Arguing that mobile is “the next big thing”, Fischer said that marketers should focus on spot ads that last 15 seconds or less because it’s the “thumb-stopping” content on mobile that should be their priority. “Yes, there are clients out there taking 30-second spots and running them on mobile and some of them, the occasional one, might hit, but the reality is you need to think about where people are spending their time and what they are doing,” he said. “People are spending a ton of time on mobile. We see over 100m mobile video hours constuned a day on Facebook so there’s a ton of constunption, but it’s a different type of experience,” he added.

Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools FEATURE :

Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools OTO / Upsell :

  • FE is Marketers Madness
  • OTO1 is Additional Footage And Agency Rights
  • OTO 2 is Media Caster Live

Marketers Madness – For Facebook

A Special Suite Of Facebook Video Tools Like Nothing Released Before

  • World Class 15 Second Video Clips From Our Videographer – Dennis Champion
  • Custom Engaging Call To Action Clips, Transitions, Pattern Interupts And Glitchs, all produced for Facebook
  • Awesome Eye Ball Catching Motion Backgrounds Just For Facebook



  • Custom Profession Video Footage
  • Cutting Edge Pattern Interupts
  • Powerful Eye Catching Transitions
  • Complete Calls To Action Clips
  • Fantastic Motion Backgrounds

Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools Features :

One Of The Powerful Ways To Gain Likes And Shares Is With MEMES And Our Motivational Memes Are The Best! For Both Light And Dark Backgrounds

Motion Backgrounds
With These HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATES You Can Really Gain The Attention That Your Looking For

Our Professional Slides
Never Seen In This Format Before These Are Highly ENGAGING BACKGROUNDS For Your Posts – All 1920×1080 for instant use!

Transitions And Glitchs
With These AWESOME Clips – Your Viewers Retention Factors Will Without A Doubt Skyrocket!

Calls To Actions And Pattern Interupts
Its Really All About FOCUS! And these pattern interupts and Calls To Actions Will Jump Out And Make Them Click To View More Instantly!

Custom Fly Outs
Watch How Your Viewers Will React To These Attention Grabbers!

Here’s What Your Going To Recieve Today To Start SAVING YOU MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TIME AND MONEY

Shot By Our Professional Videographer “Dennis Champion” These Clips Have Never Been Seen Or Sold On The Internet Ever! All In 19230×1080 For Your Easy Editing.

We Researched What People Like And React To And Designed Some Of The Best CTS’s Around, Again All In Color And High Definition

We Always Try To Provide The Very Best In The Viewers Experiance, And These Clips Provide The Attention Keeping Qualities That You Expect

We Have Provided The Best Way To Keep The Viewers Attention And Keep Them Focused On Your Video

IMotion Backgrounds With A Subtle Movement Has  Proven To Be The Absolute Key Feature In Keeping Viewers Engaged

Our Show Stopping Glitchs Are The Absolute Best Way To Bring Your Viewers Attention Back To You Video! These Are The Best Way To Acheive That.

With Our Pre-Produced Slides, You No Longer Have To Search And Waste Time Editing Photos! Ours Are Already Sized To 1920×1080 And Its Just A Matter Of Dragging And Dropping To Your Time Line!

You Will Recieve  Our Special Suite Today – Along With All Of Our Bonuses Our Awesome VIDEO Suite Details Below

  • 36 of Our Awesome High Def Videos From Dennis Champion
  • 14 Tremendous Calls To Action Clips
  • 5 Very High Attention Grabbing Glitchs
  • 125 High Def Photo Slides
  • 16 Engaging Pattern Interupts
  • 18 Eyeball Grabbing Transitions
  • 52 Viral Social Media Memes Templates
  • 25 High Def Motion Backgrounds
  • 15 Very High Impact Fly-Outs For Gaining Viewer Retention


As With All Of Our Offers – If we cannot solve any issues with your downloads or access thru our Support Desk System, Then we will refund your purchase price ‘No Questions Asked’ These Are All Available Within ‘Video Marketer Platform’ And Digital In Nature And Once Log-In Credentials Have Been Issued And The Product Accessed There Are NO Refunds Available.

Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools REVIEW

WHAT DOES THIS DO FOR ME? We Provide You With The Latest VIDEO CONTENT And Tools To Stay In-Line With Facebooks New Marketing Strategies. Plus Here Also Instagram – Pinterest – LinkedIn – Twitter – Etc. Now Your Able To Maximize Your Facebooks, Likes, Shares and Comments And “Private Reply Messages” And Start Reaping The Benefits Of Massive Fan Engagement Today! This Is The Only Way To Get Your Posts & Video Ads To The Top Of The Newsfeed And Get Noticed Easily.

Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Marketers Madness For Facebook Video Tools REVIEW

You know that the hardest thing on FB is to get that “SOCIAL PROOF” that your post needs to be seen by the LARGEST Possible Audience. Our Fantastic “SUPER SUITE “completely solves this problem easily!!! Be The Most Successful And Profitable You Can Possibly Be And Achieve Your Goals On Facebook For 2017 And Beyond. “IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE LATEST CUTTING EDGE TOOLS – YOU CERTAINLY CAN’T SUCCEED” ESPECIALLY ON FACEBOOK.

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