Clean your email list with a few clicks

Product: List Janitor
Type: Desktop Tool (Windows PC)
Price: $37.00+
Creator: Cyril Gupta
New powerful email list cleaning and management tool to get higher open rates, boost your email deliverability, reduce your costs, and improve your ROI on email marketing.

What is List Janitor?

List Janitor is simple and easy to use desktop software (for Windows PCs) to clean your email mailing lists and manage your email lists.

This tool is especially important and a must have tool if you are using self hosted software (like Email Jeet or IMSC Rapid Mailer) or a direct SMTP email service (like SendGrid or Amazon) for your email marketing.

List Cleaning/Checking Features:

  • Remove Duplicate Email addresses.
  • Remove “Role” Email addresses (such as support@, admin@, sales@ etc.)
  • Remove Spam-Traps.
  • Remove Invalid and “Bad” Email addresses.
  • Verify Domain Mail Server (i.e. bouncing emails).
  • Verify that each Email exists.

All above choices are optional. So you can choose whether you want just one or more options to clean for.

List Management Features:

  • Import any email lists using text file or csv file.
  • Merge lists together.
  • Subtract one list from another resulting in unique Email addresses per list.
  • Find common (duplicate) Email addresses in two lists.
  • Find Email addresses NOT in second list.
  • Filter your lists and Finds any subscriber.
  • Export (new) verified lists, errors or rejected email addresses, to text file or csv file.
  • Full Control over List Cleaning Rules.

Will this run on a Mac?

List Janitor is designed for Windows and it will run best on a Windows based PC. However, it’s possible to run on a Mac by using a virtualization platform like Parallels.

Run it on your Windows desktop or on a VPS?

The software runs fine on a Windows desktop. However, it actually gets you better results in speed and accuracy if you run it on a Windows VPS. (A VPS license is available to Pro buyers).

Why do you need to clean your mailing lists?

If you use an Email Service Provider you probably pay for either the number of emails you send and/or a fixed monthly amount based upon for the size of your email list.

So why paying for emails send that never reach the supposed inbox?

But besides the money you can save, a clean list is very important for your deliverability rates. ESPs just wont deliver your emails anymore (or mark them as spam) if your list consists of a significant level of “bad email addresses” (i.e. non-existing, bouncing or marked as spam).

So the more cleaner your list, the better your deliverability rates will be, resulting in higher open rates, less spam complaints (by avoiding spam traps) and lower costs.

Especially, I like the simplicity of this tool. Just upload your list (text or csv format) and with 3 clicks you get a cleaned list and a new separate list with all removed emails. Besides all the other email management features as filtering, merging and subtracting email addresses.

Are there any shortcomings?

No, this tool just works!

Keep in mind that this tool doesn’t take into account unopened emails. A good practice is to remove subscribers from your list if they haven’t opened your emails for awhile. However most Email Marketing Service Providers have options to clean for unopened mails.

Another point to consider or check out is the way your ESP handles import/export or how to remove subscribers. Most ESPs have export and import functionality. So to export your list into csv or text file wont be a problem.

As described, you can import a file in List Janitor and run the software to get a clean list (and/or get a removed items list). But what happens next? Can you import your new (cleaned) list into your ESP/Autoresponder and just remove the old list? Or do you have to select the “bad” emails individually?

What I know is that ESPs have all different policies regarding import and export (and single/double opt-in requirements).

So check that out. But no matter if your ESP has strict policies or not, List Janitor will always help you with the cleaning.

As final point, the maximum list size you are allowed to clean is 25,000 subscribers.

I didn’t test it out, maybe you can split a longer list into smaller parts and do the cleaning in parts (and remove all results in between), but probably the better option is to upgrade to the Pro version if you have lists above 25,000 subscribers.

Why you should buy List Janitor

If you are using self hosted software (like Email Jeet or IMSC Rapid Mailer) or a direct SMTP service (like SendGrid or Amazon) for your email marketing or if you buy email lists (you aren’t allowed to import directly into most professional ESP/Autoresponders), then a tool like List Verify Jeet is a must. And there is just no better or cheaper solution than List Janitor. So hence a no-brainer.

However if you use a professional ESP/Autoresponder (such as AWeber or GetResponse then it depends on the quality of your list. (Note: most of the times they will remove bouncing emails anyway and you can’t import “negative emails”.)

So if you think your list needs to be cleaned, no matter whether you use self hosted or a professional service, in all cases List Verify Jeet will help you cleaning your lists.

The software is easy to use and you get amazing software for an unbelievable low…


For a limited time, during launch, you can get List Janitor for a one-time price of just $37.00+.

The price goes up during launch with a few cents every sales.

Use Coupon Code: lj5off at the checkout page to get a $5.00 discount.

(Note: during the first 4 hours of the launch, there is a special discount where the coupon code won’t work)

You get a personal license for using lists up to 25,000 subscribers for a one time payment. No monthly fee.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

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