Video is a powerful way to market your business. Video marketing boosts your search engine rankings and is an effective way to increase customer engagement. When it comes to making videos to promote your business, quality is the key factor to success. While you can just buy ready-made videos and use them to promote your business, they don’t really work like what other marketers out there are saying​. Ready-made videos and videos just created from templates NO longer work as they did before (the bar has been raised and you should create unique live action videos showcasing the best of your products and services). To create professional quality videos, you have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and software or hiring an expensive video production team. What if I tell you that you can produce great looking videos like a pro with a smartphone? You probably won’t believe me, but it’s true. Cham Altatis and his team have created an outstanding course that will show you how to create highly engaging professional videos using what you already have – your smartphone. Let’s find out the details of this training in my Mobile Video Boss Review.

Overview :

CreatorsCham Altatis 

Front-End Price$27



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What Is Mobile Video Boss?

Mobile Video Boss is a powerful training that shows you how to shoot, edit, and publish videos using your smartphone!

With this training course, you will be able to:

  • Create stunning videos, you never thought can possibly be done on a smartphone
  • Maximize the features of your mobile phone camera app and take control of the looks of your video, like you’re using a DSLR
  • Learn how to frame your shots like a pro and go beyond just selfie videos
  • Edit videos wherever you are, right on your smartphone itself

    Here Are Some Powerful Lessons Inside Mobile Video Boss:

    Visual Story Telling: How to use visuals to tell your story and capture the attention of your viewers and let them understand your message.

    Script Writing: To have a guide in your video shooting and editing, you first need a script. Here, you’re going to learn how to prepare one.

    Mobile Video Shooting: Here, you’re going to learn how to shoot videos professionally using a smartphone and minimum equipment.

    Mobile Screen Recording: The secret to getting quality leads from Facebook is in the targeting. Here, you will find out how to research on your targeting, whatever your niche is.

    Mobile Video Editing: Tried editing videos right within your smartphone? Here’s you’re going to learn how.

    Mobile Video Publishing: Publish the videos you create…

    Stop Motion: Create nice looking stop motion videos.

    Hyperlapse: Create hyperlapse videos.

    Special Effects: Add cool special effects to your videos.

    Why You Should Buy This

    Cham was always known for releasing quality video marketing courses, and this is not the exception. Unlike other Facebook video ads training out there that just teach one strategy, this course shows various strategies that work in any niche. Most FB video ads courses out there rely on using viral video content that they can use for their ads and they retarget them to sell related products. While this can work in some niches, it’s not applicable in other types of campaign. In fact, Cham also talked about this in his training, but he also showed others ways to do it.

    I have been making my own promo videos for 2 years and I was good at it, at least that what I thought. But after I finished the first and the second module in the course, I realized there are many new stuff I needed to learn. Cham has so much knowledge and experience working with video marketing and that’s why he made this outstanding business course. I wish Cham had released this training 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have to buy a complete video creation gear and software or hiring a video production team that cost me thousands of dollars. Now, with a one-time investment course and a smartphone, you have the ability to create videos anytime, anywhere.


    You surely want to take advantage of the mobile video creation without having to spend a lot time and money and Mobile Video Boss is the perfect solution for you. The price of the course is $27, and they have two optional upsells, which are a basic and pro version of Tubesync, a video backup solution that you may want to consider for you to secure the videos you create from your smartphone.

    Thank you for reading my Mobile Video Boss Review. Below is a quick review about the product. And to make this even better, I have two awesome BONUSES for you if you purchase Mobile Video Boss through my website. Goodbye and I’m looking foward to see you in my next review.

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