Every single e-Commerce store owner knows that it is acutely challenging to reach out to new potential clients in order to increase your conversion rate and achieve a consistent growth, especially without authoritative reviews from your own customers.
According to a recent survey, the majority of consumers have faith in online reviews at the same extent as personal recommendations. Without positive reviews, your business is likely to fall behind with your competitions. This ShopiRater Review is going to analyze a tool which can help you solve this issue.


ShopiRater is a cloud-based application that lets WooCommerce and Shopify store holders to automatically generate reviews through automated campaigns, along with setting up follow-up email campaigns.

ShopiRater Review – Overview

 Vendor: Ben Murray et al
 Product: ShopiRater
Front-End Price: $67
Sales Page: Click Here
Niche: Software
Refund: 30-day money back guarantee
Recommend: Highly recommend

What is ShopiRater?

Simply put, ShopiRater is a cloud-based application that lets WooCommerce and Shopify store holders to automatically generate reviews through automated campaigns, along with setting up follow-up email campaigns. As a result, you will be able to drive more free traffic, thus boosting your brand recognition.

About Author

Having been an accredited expert in the field of virtual marketing with years of experience, Ben Murray has earned his reputation for producing multiple world-class products which have manifested his strong knowledge foundation and forward-looking perspective.
A few outstanding inventions from Ben Murray are Multistore Builder, SociVideo Jukebox, ConjureGram, to name a few. The next segment of my ShopiRater Review will denote the quintessence of this tool.

What are the Features of ShopiRater?

As I have already mentioned, ShopiRater has the ability to automatically generate social proof with a view to helping visitors feel easier when making a decision to buy your product because it has already received numerous positive feedbacks.
Carry out automated campaigns in which special bonuses, coupons and other types of free presents are displayed in exchange for reviews from previous consumers
Keep following them to offer an additional bonus in order to encourage them to share with their friends through emails
Build incentive pages by using the native page-building tool, or use an external page-establishing service such as ClickFunnels
Double check the review you have obtained, making sure that no negative reviews are exhibited on your website
Keep track of your customers with follow-up emails campaigns to ask for reviews
Provide a built-in email sender
Add customers’ name, images, videos and so on to make their reviews look more credible
Generate a separate bonus page to upload free gifts
Synchronize with other hosts on which reviews are currently saved, then import them into your store
Categorize and justify authentic social proof from clients
Supply detailed data, figures and analytics on which products are favored the most, as well as identify which customers are not contented with your products
Set up a FAQ segment to promote interaction

In addition, ShopiRater is also paired with a prominent video training course which walks you through the profitable methods to find appropriate niches, establish your online business empire, and maintain its stability through earning affiliate commissions.

How does it Work?

Step 1: Link your online store with ShopiRater, and start conducting a new project.
Step 2: Add the products that you want to apply to the campaign, add and customize follow-up emails
Step 3: Build an incentive page using the built-in page generator, or connect with another page-building service.
Step 4: Edit the thank-you and download page, hit “submit” and you’re done.

Who Should Buy It?

Apparently, ShopiRater is directly targeted at digital store owners who are seeking for a sustainable way to develop their businesses and earn more commissions, which can only be accomplished with the existence of diverse authentic reviews from your own clients.
As far as I’m concerned, ShopiRater is best suited to e-Commerce store owners, especially those who expect to enhance their sales performance using authentic reviews and other types of social proof. ShopiRater enables you to boost audience engagement since your offers become more trustworthy.

Pros and Cons

In this section, my ShopiRater Review changes its focus to this tool’s advantages and downsides.

Free online support is available all the time
Easy to customize
The training course covers the fundamentals which are simple to deploy
The follow-up email campaigns are a two-edged sword since it might make recipients get furious if their inboxes are constantly bombarded with emails asking for reviews.

Personal Experience

From my own viewpoint, the most important reason why noted ShopiRater as “highly recommend” is that Ben Murray includes a comprehensive video training program alongside with the software. By applying the strategies laid out in this course, I could maximize the potentials of ShopiRater to its fullest extent.

Evaluation and Price

The front-end price of this piece of apparatus is $67, but my ShopiRater Review suggests that if you feel interested in this tool, you should hurry up because the price might go up without any advance notice. Although it still has some common bugs, I think ShopiRater deserves to be invested in.


In conclusion, my ShopiRater hopefully offers you a more general view of this review generator, so you can make up your mind more easily whether to buy this product or not. Thank you guys for keeping up with me to the very end and good luck!

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