What is Social Kickstart?

Social Kickstart 2.0 is a complete Facebook marketing platform. It allows you to manage fan pages, hyper-target content sharing, conduct market research, and automate growth campaigns, all from a single location.

The tool is perfect for marketers who want to ramp up growth of their Facebook accounts and income, but who don’t want to deal with the time or monetary cut costs from doing it manually. Social Kickstart is a powerful automation tool, allowing you to find and leverage shareable content that’s laser targeted to your audience and schedule it out for months in advance— all in a matter of minutes.

No time wasted trying to figure out the best content to post. No time spent coming back every few hours to post it. No more guessing whether content will perform well. No need for an intern or VA to manage your fan pages. No need for multiple expensive tools and services. Social Kickstart 2.0 was built to streamline your growth efforts by handling ALL of your Facebook marketing under one roof.

Automation only scratches the surface of what this tool offers. Let’s break down its other core features.

Social Kickstart 2.0 Overview

  • Homepage: Social Kickstart 2.0  
  • Product Name: Social Kickstart 2.0
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: Mark Thompson
  • Target niche: A cutting edge digital tool that every marketer needs for managing their Facebook campaigns and other social networks.
  • Official Price: $37
  • Bonuses: Check Here 

    Core Features :

      • Automate growth of your Facebook fan pages and groups.
      • Streamline growth efforts by handling all Facebook marketing under one roof.
      • Cloud-based software for use on any computer.
      • Manage all fan page posts from one interface.
      • Find, edit, & share viral content from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to grow your account.
      • Conduct market research. Sort posts by key metrics (Post Date, Shares, Likes, Subscribers, Comments, Repins, Followers) to find important trends.
      • Automatically stagger postsso they look more natural.
    • Schedule posts days, weeks, or months in advance to run growth on autopilot.
    • Drag-and-drop editor to quickly adjust post queue.
    • Give team members access to specific or all campaigns in your account.
    • TeeSpring research tools to find profitable t-shirt campaigns.
    • Facebook Ad Builder built in. No need for multiple windows or tools.
    • Reply to comments, engage your audience, and build relationships from one interface.

      NEW Features in Social Kickstart 2.0 

      • Simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
      • Facebook Live scheduling. Schedule pre-recorded Facebook Live videos.
      • Improved post scheduling. Create schedules that post X times per day, at certain times of the day.
      • More content curation sources. Easily curate content from Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, YouTube, Meme Search, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Google News.

        How It Works:

        Step 1: Create a new post

        Step 2: Add your video (pre-recorded)

        Step 3: Schedule Video to “Go live”

        Step 4: Kickstart broadcast your videos on Facebook Live automatically

        Facebook sends a notification to your fans or friends as soon as you go live as well as instantly boost your views, comments, and shares.

        Why Should You Get Social Kickstart 2.0 Now?

        Social Kickstart 2.0 is a dream for Facebook marketers because it enables them to:

        • Schedule months worth of content within 30 minutes.
        • Streamline every aspect of Facebook management even smallest details
        • Easily scale campaigns across numerous niches and reduce overhead costs.
        • Completely streamline Social Marketing in two minutes

        The clean, minimalistic interface is completely web-based. Users have nothing to install and can access it from anywhere on any device.

        Users can easily and quickly manage the content they post to their Facebook Group pages. Users can both post to Fan Pages and fully schedule unlimited posts to as many Facebook Groups as they wish.

        Social Kickstart 2.0 provides users with Unlimited Posts and Usage. There are no limits based on the size of business and amount of social marketing users need to do.

        Many Internet’s Most Trusted Experts Use The Software and receive positive results

        “Huge Time Saver! Our team has been using Social Kickstart on a daily basis for over a year now. We love it! Researching viral content and scheduling literally weeks worth of content to all of our Fan Pages in a matter of 30 minutes is a massive time saver.” Ben Adkins – Founder of FearlessSocial.com

        “Perfect Service! I love Social Kickstart, because it helps us to control our Facebook pages and campaigns in a central location. It saves an awful lot of time and provides a perfect overview of the success of the campaigns. We are able to to provide a perfect service for our customers. This strengthens our presence as a social media service.” – Andreas Dohrmann (matttrix.com)

        Conclusion : 

        Social Kickstart 2.0 takes advantages of Facebook – one of the currently biggest platforms that can give you numerous of engagement. Social Kickstart 2.0 helps you to quickly build campaigns which have a truly successful presence and get you more leads and traffic. Let Social Kickstart 2.0 change the way you manage your social platforms in general and Facebook in particular.

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