Social Traffic Jacker is a tool for 100% automated high quality social curation that adds your offers on every shared link.

Social Traffic Jacker Overview

  • Homepage: Social Traffic Jacker Official Site
  • Product Name: Social Traffic Jacker
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: Anthony Hayes
  • Target niche: Social Traffic Generation. Social Traffic Jacker is a fantastic Social Traffic tool that automates targeted traffic campaigns that run forever!…
  • Official Price: $47

    What Is Social Traffic Jacker?

    You are a marketer and want to set up your campaign? You would like to build email lists, retargeting audiences, leads, grow social following & drive sales 100% hands free?

    Build email lists, social and retargeting audiences on complete autopilot, sounds crazy but its REAL!

    Social Traffic Jacker is a tool for 100% automated high quality social curation that adds your offers on every shared link. With Social Traffic Jacker you can add 3 accounts on 3 high traffic social platforms,  Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and can add up to 4 CTA’s To Rotate & Split Test.

    With a simple 3 minute campaign set up you can start to see traffic and conversions on autopilot while providing a great service to your social audiences. In fact it’s SO GOOD & SO EASY it’s almost unfair!

    There are step by step tutorials with video, PDF & mind maps. Plus there are 10 webinar replays that cover strategies, lead bait suggestions, finding content to share, growing your social audience, writing compelling CTA headlines and more!

    Attract, engage & convert using authority site content with this powerful game changing social media marketing system on complete autopilot!

    • Build Email Lists, Retargeting Audiences, Leads, Grow Social Following & Drive Sales 100% Hands Free! Sharing Great Content with your CTA on every link will build assets to allow you to remarket to these audiences whenever you choose and ultimately make sales and commissions for you!
    • Piggyback On The Content & Influence Of Authority Sites Forever & 100% Hands Free Without Creating Your Own Content. Sharing great content is something that all top influencers do on a daily basis, but it can be really hard work! With Social Traffic Jacker the software does all the hard work for you!
    • Share The Content To Your Social Accounts On Autopilot For Laser Targeted Traffic & Conversions. Automation is awesome when its done properly and intelligently. Choosing content from the top content providers using RSS feeds means that when they make a new post, you are sharing that to your social accounts within minutes on autopilot.

      How Does Social Traffic Jacker Work?

      Special Features of Social Traffic Jacker:

      Take a look at some of the great features of this powerful ground breaking software:

      Social Accounts

      Add up to three Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Accounts to auto post whenever new content is published from authority sites.

      Posts To Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

      Posts to Facebook Pages, Timelines & Groups as well as Unlimited Twitter & Instagram Accounts

      Easy Social Account Integrations

      Adding social profiles to your Social Traffic Jacker account is super simple with easy app authorizations

      Works With Major Autoresponders

      Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact, Market Hero & more. You can also add others & they have tested button to make sure its working.

      Add Your Own Custom Domains

      Ability to add your own domains to be used for share links builds extra credibility to your social curation. You can add unlimited domains easily with step by step training provided.

      Rotate & Split Test Call To Actions

      Split testing up to 4 CTA’s per campaign allows to to tweak and optimize campaigns for maximum conversions and maximize your traffic while marketing like a pro!

      Built In Analytics & Posts Calendar

      Use the posts calendar to click on links from your campaigns and see the analytics, stats and data that matter, removing any guesswork and maximize your campaigns.

      Multiple “Intelligent” CTA Options

      Top quality training is provided as well as built in tools with options for banner ads, optin forms, smart bars, full page optin splash screens, video pop ups and more!

      How It Works:

      Just within 3 simple steps below, you can easily set up your campaign and see your conversions & traffic on autopilot:

      STEP 1:  Share content from authority sites within minutes of new content published using RSS feeds

      This works in ANY niche by identifying the influencers and authority sites that post great content that your target audience loves and is familiar with. If that’s all this tool did it would still be great but they took this much further.

      STEP 2: Add up to 4 call to actions to rotate and split test like a pro on autopilot!

      Add up to 4 Call To Actions on every campaign and the software will rotate the offers. With Choices for Banner Ads, Optin Forms, Video Pop Up’s and more, you have opportunities to split test like a pro!

      STEP 3: Choose Social Accounts To Post To

      This is where they really stand apart from other social media curation and posting tools… Users can add up to three social accounts from each social platform to their “Run Forever” campaigns. With ability to post to Facebook pages, groups and timelines as well as Twitter & Instagram.

      STEP 4: Tweak & Optimize Your Campaigns Using Data From The The Analytics DashboardYour analytics Dashboard will give you data to tweak & optimize your campaigns. When you have it converting well you can let the campaign run forever on autopilot!

      Who Should Use Social Traffic Jacker?

      This type of CTA’s can be used for:

      • Full Page Optin Splash Pages
      • Traditional Optin Popups
      • Banner Ads
      • Video Popups With CTA
      • Any Type Of Image CTA

      This is for every type of marketer, from local consultants, affiliates, amazon affiliates, product creators, CPA marketers & more…

      Why Should You Get Social Traffic Jacker Now?

      Social Media Marketing could get any easier than 100% automated “run forever” quality content campaigns

      They have seen some fantastic social posting tools before for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but NOTHING comes close to this for sheer hands free power with intelligent marketing built in.

      You don’t need to create content, it takes 3 minutes to set up a campaign that runs forever and you can post to 2 accounts on each social platform!

      Traffic ON Autopilo

      Drives traffic on autopilot with high quality social curation campaigns that run forever! Let the authority sites high converting headlines drive the clicks to content with your offers!

      List Building On Autopilot

      Targeted list building on autopilot becomes a reality with this system. Top tip: match your calls to action as lead bait to fit the content and watch your list grow 100% hands free!

      Leads & Sales On Autopilot

      Leads & sales come with multiple instances of exposure to your offers which can now be automated. Adding retargeting pixels & optin forms builds even more traffic assets & re-marketing opportunities.

      Social Growth On Autopilot

      Social Marketing pro’s use social curation to build authority, influence and grow their social audiences. Unlike other jacking & curation tools this is a complete set & forget system which will grow your own audience & influence.

      Multiple high converting optin form “call to action” templates

      Choice of optin forms to use for your call to actions with integration to the top autoresponder services. Traditional optin form designs & smart bars with options of when they will load with on page load, time delay or exit intent

      Full page splash CTA templates

      Full page splash optins can be found on many top marketers blogs & sites because they convert really well.

      Video “Call to action” templates

      Videos can convert really well with the right call to action. Top tip: you can also use a video from the authority site or influencer & add your own affiliate offer CTA that fits the content of the video.

      Add images a banner call to actions

      Adding affiliates banners to fit the content is super simple & easy to use for split testing & even better when adding retargeting pixels to your campaigns. Top tip: this can be really effective combined with discount coupon offers.

      My Social Traffic Jacker Bonus

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