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Overview :

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Video marketing is a trend for business online today. But it requires much tech skills and knowledge to do well. However, if you ignore it, you lose the huge opportunity to get customers because 73% viewers will decide to buy after watching the video. So, is there any tool to help us to complete the hard work efficiently? Yes, of course!

You are in the right place with my SyVid Review. It will introduce you a software bringing you a revolution in video marketing campaign but not require you any pro tech skill. Let’s see!

What Is It?

SyVid is a cloud-based app you can use to upload a single video. After that, it will automatically upload and publish your video on 8 sharing website. It will come with the unique title, description and your keywords. Especially, there is nothing to download or install or configure.

Features of SyVid

Upload and Publish to 8 Video Sharing Websites

You have ability to automatically upload as well as publish your videos to over 8 video sharing websites you like such as Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Tumblr, Twitch, WordPress, Vzaar. The working process just takes you a few seconds with three steps.

Campaign Based Organization

Everything is clearly and easily organized based on your campaigns. By this way, you can manage all your accounts, your videos uploaded and so keep simply viewing, tracking and taking proper decisions.

Share Video links to Social Media

When you have uploaded and published your video to all sharing websites, you can with kick start. It will give your videos the initial boost by automatically sharing your video links on 15 social media sites including: Facebook, Instapaper, VK, Linkedin, Bloggers, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Pocket, Medium, Imgur.

Unique Title, Descriptions & Keywords

Forget the worry about using the same duplicate Title, keywords, and descriptions. SyVid will help you to spin them and have unique titles, keywords, and descriptions on the entire upload.

One-Click Connect

There is a One-Click Connect technology for you to quickly and easily connect all your video sharing websites and social media websites account just by a click on an icon and securely entering your credentials.

SEO Rank Score

SyVid can generate a unique SEO Rank Score for each title, keyword, and description. If you upload the video, it gives you a very details insight on what you need to change and improve. Then you can get better video rankings on the websites you’ve shared videos as well as on Google.

Connect Multiple Accounts

You are able to complete freedom and flexibility of how you would like to use SyVid. It allows you to connect multiple accounts of the same video. If you want to connect more than 1 YouTube accounts, you can do even more!

Upload Scheduling

It is easy to create an upload or link sharing campaign. SyVid will schedule to start uploading or sharing at a specific date and time. As a result, you get more viewers watching your video and make the most out of the demographical time zones thanks to the correct upload time.

100% Whitehat and Approved

SyVid is a 100% whitehat video distribution app. It means that SyVid does not violates any TOS, and make sure your accounts are fully safe.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Log in the accounts
  • Step 2: Upload your video
  • Step 3: SyVid automatically does everything for you to get the highest ranking as possible.

    Who Should Use It?

    SyVid is super easy to use for anyone from beginners to veterans. No matter who you are, you can start putting those amazing videos to good use.

    • Affiliate marketers
    • Website builders
    • Business owners
    • Social marketers
    • CPA marketers
    • Bloggers

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