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All about SyVid:

SyVid is a cloud based app where you can upload a single video which is then automatically uploaded and published on 10 different video sharing websites along with the unique titles, descriptions and your keywords. Also, it automatically lets you share the link of those videos to 15 different social media websites to get you instant traffic.

SyVid a super easy to use cloud based app that anyone can use and finally start putting those amazing videos they’ve created. It syndicates and schedules multiple video upload campaigns.

Three simple steps:

Step1: Choose a video to upload to SyVid, your video will be spread across 9 major video sharing websites.

Step2: As soon as your video is uploaded on all sites, SyVid automatically shares your video link across some major social media websites.

Step3: As your video picks up more views, Google ranks it higher in their search results and in few hours you’ll be collecting more and more views.

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The whole process of SyVid:

# SyVid uploads and syncs your video to 9 high traffic video websites.

# SyVid shares video across social media for instant traffic and backlinks.

# Social media backlinks boost Google rankings.

# Higher Google rankings bring more free traffic and views.

# Video sharing website puts your popular video higher in their listings.

Nothing can be better than SyVid:

# Instant exposure on 9 major video sharing websites.

# 11 traffic packed social media channels.

# Campaign Based Organization.

# Unique title, descriptions & keywords.

# One-click connects.

# SEO rank score.

# Connect multiple accounts.

# Upload scheduling.

# Cloud based app.

# Established & evergreen product.

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How SyVid is the best?

Unlike most other tools, SyVid syndicates to 9 major video sharing platforms, and allows you to simultaneously share your video across 11 major social media channels, all with a single click. It also features an SEO ranker tool that shows you how to tweak your video for tons of free SEO traffic and even spin titles, descriptions and keywords to make each submission unique from the last, and avoiding duplicate content penalties.

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