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Big Opportunities With Complete Video Rankings Strategy

Andy Black and Dr. Max have been analyzing and unravelling Google for many years. They specialize in ‘Video SEO’ which is the art of ranking Youtube videos at the top of Google. They have tested and developed more ‘video ranking’ strategies than you can shake a stick at, and they are very knowledgeable in this area.

After spending time of testing, they decided to create an ideal product that helps marketers to reach into Google brain and giving them what they are looking for their ranking strategy.

It can create video title, description and tags that are perfectly crafted for Google, letting audiences know their video is fully relevant to their target keywords.

Introducing: vRankerPro

vRankerPro is a brand new video ranking software that has highly-optimized content and combines it with localized data that let you rank videos for a range of niches and keywords in any locations of your choice.

Overview :

Product Creator Andy Black et al
Product Name vRankerPro
Price $24.95
Niche Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


vRankerPro’s Key Features:

vRankerPro allows you to be on page 1 of Google rankings that you can sell or rent to other businesses within 7 profitable industries.

This unique software will take ‘specially formulated’ content relating to the niche keyword and combine it with data relating to your chosen Town or City.

It requires zero SEO skills or knowledge.

You will produce the results, and other businesses will pay you money for those results.

With vRankerPro, this whole process is insanely easy to do.

You can build an entire business around this strategy, and earn good money in doing so as well as discover how to find, pitch and close clients.

How Does vRankerPro Work?

Step 01: Select a nicheStep 02: Select a keywordStep 03: Choose your location

vRankerPro will then ‘instantly’ create a perfectly optimized title, description and tags that you can copy and paste into your Youtube video listing, ready for publishing.

vRankerPro allows you to instantly tap into 7 highly-profitable niches and target any town or city of your choice.

vRankerPro has been loaded with 7 different ‘cash generating’ niches, that you can rank for in multiple locations using video.

Your Turn!

So, Let’s Re-Cap the Benefits When You Invest in vRankerPro Today

  • Achieve fast, page 1 Google rankings that you can SELL or RENT to other businesses (within 7 profitable industries).
  • ZERO SEO skills or knowledge required!
  • Build an entire business around this strategy, and earn good money in doing so.
  • Target ANY Town or City anywhere in the world, creating endless possibilities, and reaching endless prospects.
  • Discover how to find, pitch and close clients.

Please bear in mind, they will be ending this special offer real soon and once they do that the price will be much higher. Click the buy button to get access to this amazing software.


In a nutshell, I’m really thankful to you for keeping up with my vRankerPro to the very end, and I hope that I’ve provided a deep insight into this graphic creating platform, so you can make the right decision for your own business. Good luck and see you again!

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