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cheatsheets have been popular for a long time. They are evergreen and people love them. There are many ways they can be used such as opt-in incentive, source of knowledge etc. Below you will find such a nifty cheatsheet focusing on WordPress for beginners. 

Overview :

Product Creator Blanka Salkova
Product Name WordPress for Beginners Power Cheatsheet
Price $2.99
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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WordPress for Beginners Power Cheatsheet!

This 1 page cheatsheet can be used to build a list or give away as a bonus. Your buyers get it for the starting price of just $2.99 (a dimesale and your commission is 50%) for just 7 days!

It consists of 3 parts:

Resource #1: WordPress for Beginners in the News
Resource #2: Best WordPress for Beginners Tutorials and Tips for Building a Profitable Site / Blog
Resource #3: More Popular Resources For WordPress for Beginners

Plus: 3 Handy Upsells (WordPress Video Course, Social Media Templates Package, Cheatsheet PLR Rights)!

WordPress Mega Video Course

All videos are in HD MP4 format with quality British female audio voiceover. During the sale your buyerscan get the course for just $13 (your commission is 50%).

There are 39 videos in total that cover the following topics:

1. Softaculous vs Manual WordPress Installation
2. How to create a web hosting account
3. How to install WordPress using Softaculous
4. FTP basics and using Filezilla
5. Installing WordPress manually – Creating a new database and user
6. Installing WordPress manually – Uploading WordPress
7. Installing WordPress manually – Connecting WordPress with the database
8. Installing WordPress manually – Installing WordPress
9. WordPress website set up checklist
10. What is WordPress?
11. Logging in to WordPress
12. The WordPress dashboard
13. How to create and publish a post
14. How add an image to a post
15. How to add a link to a post
16. How to manage comments
17. How to add a category
18. How to create a page
19. How to create and edit a custom menu
20. WordPress themes and how to install them
21. WordPress plugins and how to install them
22. How to use widgets
23. How to customize your theme
24. How to update your WordPress site
25. Which plugins should you install on your site?
26. How to create a static front page
27. Understanding the settings of your WordPress site
28. WordPress security basics
29. How to deal with plugin conflicts
30. How to display images in the sidebar using plugins
31. How to change the URL structure of your blog posts
32. What are Gravatars and how to manage them
33. How to move your blog from WordPress.com to self-hosted
34. How to install Google Analytics
35. Getting started with the Yoast SEO plugin
36. How to display the correct image when posting a WordPress post to a Facebook page
37. How to get text to flow around images in a post
38. How to set up an XML sitemap
39. How to choose an e-commerce plugin

DFY Social Media Templates Package

Social media can be daunting if you are new. There are may social networks and creating great content takes time. Besides, not only must one create content, one must also start building a connection with their audience. With this DFY social media templates offer, which they can get during the sale for just $15 (your commission is 50%), your buyers get templates they can use to prepare great content for social networks and plan ahead of time:

1. Insider’s Strategy Guide (They will learn 6 ways how to connect and share on social media and also how to put the templates and checklists to best use.)
2. Social Media Management Checklist and Brainstorming Sheet
3. 9 Checklist Pack (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blab, Snapchat, Pinterest and Facebook Live)
4. Social Media Content Planner 2016-2017
5. Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler Tool Boosting Report Template
6. Social Media Graphics and Quotes (20 graphics with inspirational/motivational/success quotes (including the PSD version), 20 blank graphics (just add your own text and branding), 149 carefully selected inspirational/motivational/success quotes)


PLR Rights to the 1 Page WordPress for Beginners Power Cheatsheet

Why not grab a piece of the pie and edit the cheatsheet to one´s heart´s content? Own branding, own affiliate links, own everything! With this offer, which they can get during the sale for just $10 (your commission is 50%), your buyers get the PLR rights to the cheatsheet.

Conclusion :

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