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Breakthrough Technology Close Sales Faster Than Ever

Overview :

Product Creator Luan Henrique
Product Name WP Video Genie
Price $14.93
Niche Video
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


Imagine being able to “chase” your customers until they buy your product. In fact, there’s a new plugin that does all for you to build your list.

With WP Video Genie breakthrough technology you can build your list on complete autopilot by adding optin forms to any video you want. Works to any WordPress site that you own, and there’s a lot more. Let’s read my WP Video Genie Review below for more detals!


WP Video Genie is truly one of those IM launches that come once a year. It’s a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you to make sales and get leads using the power of videos.

With the newest breakthrough technology, the video follow your visitors while they scroll your site, and no matter what happens, WP Video Genie never gives up until the job is done and the sale is made.

  • Animates any video for WordPress
  • Adds amazing call to actions and optin forms to any video you want
  • Helps you to generate more sales and leads
  • Breakthrough “CHASE” Technology: the proprietary algorithm allows you to literally chase your visitors as they scroll on your site.
  • & Much Much More!


    • Animate any video you want!

    Choose by 30 exclusive animations we have available inside to animate any video you want and engage your customers delivering what they really wants.

    • Instantly add call to actions and optin forms to your videos

    Imagine have a buy now button or a optin form inside of any video you want, how much more money you can make? Or how many subscribers you can get?

    • Videos Going Viral Can’t Be Easier

    With the social media technology, we made everything easy to make your videos going viral in all social medias around the world, instantly add social action buttons to your videos.

    • Breakthrough “CHASE” Technology

    Our proprietary algorithm allows you to literally chase your visitors as they scroll on your site. No matter what they do, WP Video Genie keeps the video running in a corner of the screen, getting you more SALES and LEADS with zero effort on your side.

    It’s the equivalent of having your very own army of professional sales closers: WP Video Genie never gives up until the job is done and the sale is made!


    73% consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video, and WP Video Genie created by Luan can help you get more sales and leads with the help of videos, as it animates any video for WordPress and then adds amazing call to actions and optin forms to any video you want and ultimately helps you to generate more sales and leads.

    WP Video Genie is hands down one of the best plugins you can invest in this year. When it comes to closing sales, WP Video Genie does all the hard work for you.

    It already helped me! WP Video Genie took me only 30 seconds to setup and then runs itself. It’s something that we’re waiting for months and now it’s available here. If you’re looking for an easy way to close sales using videos, this is for you


    Instantly monetize any wordpress site within a few clicks of your mouse. Takes three simple steps to do it:

    • Step 1. Choose your video
    • Step 2. Animate with WP Video Genie
    • Step 3. Collect the money

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