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XuPoP Software Review

The internet is full of products, advertisements, videos, etc. It’s hard for people to stick around long on a website before they click away. The only way you can get their attention to your offers is through pop-ups. However, a bad pop up plugin could entirely send a prospective client
away. If you want to create attractive and powerful pop-ups, then you need XuPoP Software.

Overview :

Product Creator Duncan MacGibbon
Product Name XuPoP Software
Front-End Price $27
Niche Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


Main function

XuPoP Software’s main function is to create powerful, attractive and fully customizable pop-ups that can run on WordPress pages in seconds. These pop-ups can be run on WordPress with any theme. These pop-ups can be used to get more leads and sales.

Anybody can create pop-ups with XuPoP Software. It’s as simple as pressing a button and they are rolled out for you. Both experts and newbies can receive tutorials via the software’s support section.

How does it work?

XuPoP Software plug-in creates powerful and customer friendly pop-ups through the following three steps.

Step 1

You will need to create a new pop up, give it a title, choose the page it should occur on, add “thank you” or “confirm” messages and
choose its layout features.

Step 2

One you are done with step 1, you’ll need to choose the pop-up style you will be working with. Create email opt-ins and pop-up surveys
to let clients tell you what they think. Some special features you can add in this step include videos and images, countdown timers, and special offers.

Step 3

When you are done making the pop-up, add an eye-popping HD image, video or animation background with ease. There are plenty of videos,
images, and animations you can use to convert your traffic into leads and sales.

Once you are up and running, XuPoP Software’s dashboard and analytics can help you monitor you activities and know what’s working and what’s not.

Who can use it?

XuPoP Software can be used by online marketers, business and website owners to create pop-ups that do not irritate clients. If a website sells products and lack pop-ups, then it will have less conversions.

What are its pros and cons?


• Has a wide range of attractive animations.

• Offers full page pop-ups with image and video backgrounds.

• It’s simple to use.

• It can be customized to meet one’s needs.

• Works without flaws and delivers.


• A Software can get bugged.

• Its techniques may take a newbie a bit longer time to absorb.


Are you tired of people visiting your website without buying your products, filling out your survey forms, subscribing to your newsletters
or sharing your content? Then you need great pop-ups. Attractive pop-ups can make a client subscribe to your news or buy products resulting to sales. To create the best and client-appealing pop-ups, you need XuPoP Software. This plug-in creates pop-ups that relay a powerful call to action that makes it hard for many people to ignore.


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