Your Instant Video Empire:

Being a smart purchaser, you will certainly not buy a product without knowing anything about how it’s going to work for you, right? Before making a decision to buy something, people often watch its review video to feel more confident with their choice. This is the reason why I’m now going to show you a brand new system that will help you to get more sales without having to work hard. It’s named Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE).

Your Instant Video Empire is an automated method that helps you attract more leads to your Amazon products by building review videos total on autopilot. Packed with many features, this product will do all the hard to help you collect the commissions easier than ever.

Your Instant Video Empire Overview:

  • Friendly Use – 9.2/10
  • Features – 9.0/10
  • Quality – 9.1/10
  • Price – 8.8/10


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Your Instant Video Empire’s Key Features:

By using YIVE, you can:

  • Choose by keyword, brand or ASIN
  • Add unlimited YouTube channels
  • Have dozens of review videos created automatically

Your Instant Video Empire can upload dozens of product review videos to your Youtube channels everyday total on auto pilot. This system will automatically add Amazon affiliate link to your video’s description.

Besides, Your Instant Video Empire integrates with SyndWire or Syndlab for backlinks.

For those who have no idea about Syndlab and Syndwire: They are content syndication systems that distribute your content to your social networks. These syndications allow you to search engine rankings by creating backlinks to your videos. Based on how your Syndwire and Syndlab accounts are configured, YIVE will handle the syndications for you.

Your Instant Video Empire is ideal for Amazon Sellers to generate traffic by promoting their product through Youtube.

In case you are a consultant, you can also use YIVE to sell it as a service to Amazon Retailers.

How Does Your Instant Video Empire Work?

STEP #1: Choose your product keywords or ASINs

STEP #2: Select the products to create video

STEP #3: Just sit and let YIVE create your video automatically.

STEP #4: This system will upload that video with your affiliate link.

What makes this product different from others?

You can create a passive income stream every month on autopilot by investing just 10 minutes per week!

Having Your Instant Video Empire by your side, you can easily get 15 product review videos in a couple of minutes. You may ask “Why review videos?” and the absolute answer is that “Google LOVE videos!”. Once adding video to your product link, you can get more opportunities to rank your product on the first page results of Google, and as a result, you get more sales! By using this passive income system,

  • There is no need to create a website
  • Spend tons of money to build marketing campaigns are now needless
  • You don’t have to struggle using complicated video equipment to make review videos
  • There is nothing to install or download since YIVE is hosted entirely in the cloud.

You can use this proven system to market the product you sell on Amazon no matter where you are from. However, you need to be sure to designate this in your account setup by using the appropriate country site TLD and your API keys.

Once using YourInstantVideoEmpire, you will be able to create unlimited video campaigns, but they recommend that you should upload less than 15 videos per day. In case you wish to upload more than that, you can create more Youtube channels.

Please take note that if you want YIVE to create a review video for your product, it must have at least 4 or 5-star reviews with at least 150 words. They can’t make a review video if your product hasn’t had any review.

Final verdict – Your Turn!

I’m writing this review hoping that you can get more useful information about this product and be able to get a right product that fulfills your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any advice. Finally, thank you for reading my Your Instant Video Empire review!

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